WELCOME Agnes Fyrgård and Karla Fabiola Corral

Please, join me in welcoming Agnes Fyrgard and Karla Fabiola Corral to our group of au pairs in Brookline.

This is what Agnes and Karla responded when asked why they wanted to be an au pair:

Agnes :  “Because I see this as a great experience and I want to develop as a person. I want to live as an american and meet new people. I also know, from experience that I love to take care and work with children. I would love to be a part of their life and see them grow and develop.”

Karla Fabiola: “I would be charmed with sharing my life with the children, they are intelligent and funny, always you are learning by them, in addition to see them to grow and to be a part of it is something satisfactory and fills with pride me.”

Monday, 19 September 2011 2:57 PM


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