5 reasons why au pair childcare is a brilliant idea for parents

As a mother of two children, I am always in the look for the best childcare. My husband and I look for someone reliable, responsible, fun, caring, warm, and energetic.  As someone who works closely with host families, I often hear great stories about how much easier and more enjoyable life becomes with an au pair.
Here are 5 reasons why having an au pair is a brilliant idea for parents:
  • With an au pair, you have the freedom to schedule 45 childcare hours per week for when you need them most. including night-time and weekend hours. 
  • Au pairs help you with light housekeeping, related to the kids ( Do their laundry, fix meals, help keep their bedroom and play areas clean). 
  • Au pairs provide trustworthy supervision for the children.  They can also drive the kids to school, activities, and appointments (au pairs have an International Driver’s License). 
  • Au pairs can teach your children a second language, help them with homework, and after school activities. 
  • Infant Qualified au pairs have more than 200 hours of infant care experience, and they are CPR trained. 
All these just for $1,588 per month, which is more affordable than daycare or nannies for many families.  I invite you to watch this youtube video about why families choose au pair childcare. 


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Tuesday, 27 November 2018 9:13 AM


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