Tips for a great holiday with your au pair

This is the time of the year when cultural differences take a big place.   Hosting an au pair from another country, or another culture, is not a burden during the Holidays, on the contrary it is an enriching way to learn how other people celebrate the Holidays in different part of the world.   Here are some tips that you may use to enrich your family life and your children’s knowledge about the world:

1. Ask your au pair to prepare a special holiday dish from her home country:  This will also help the au pair overcome the homesickness, she/he may experience during this season.

2. Set up an activity during a meal time, in which your children ask your au pair how they celebrate the holidays in her country.  Flash cards are a great idea, and the kids can even make drawings about them.

3. A great gift idea is to find a souvenir from your city or town, or your favorite sports team (hats, mugs, key chains, etc..). In MA, another great gift is to give your au pair a good set of gloves, boots, jacket to make her life warmer during the Winter days.

4. If you are traveling with your au pair to visit your relatives, make sure you tell them about hers/his nationality, so they can have conversation ice breakers during your time together.

5. Don’t forget that your au pair will be experiencing homesickness during this special time, so make sure that she/he feels included in your family traditions.

I would love to hear how you celebrate your holidays with your au pair.  Comment below, or visit my social media to share:

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