What host families get from a Latin American au pair

Host families have been asking me lately about au pairs from Latin America.  Their most frequent question is: What are the traits of au pairs from Colombia, Brazil and Mexico?   My answer is that every  au pair has her/his own particular cultural trait, and that they share their home country culture in many different ways.  However, here are some general differences among au pairs from Colombia, Mexico and Brazil:

Colombian au pairs – Typical traits: Grateful for the opportunity to be an au pair • Responsible • Studious • Kind • Lovely • Honest • Smart • Funny • Unique.

What host families get with a Colombian au pair: Another family member • An independent au pair • A caring and family-oriented au pair • An au pair who can follow directions/rules • An au pair who is dependable, loving, and charismatic

Brazilian au pairs – Typical traits: Affectionate and loving • Careful • Happy and positive • Family-oriented • Helpful • Energetic and friendly.

What host families get with a Brazilian au pair: A helpful au pair • A loving au pair • An au pair who’s not afraid to help with light housework • A passionate au pair who cares for the children with a lot of affection • A big sister to the children

Mexican au pairs – Typical traits: Close relationship with their families • Very family-oriented and want to be a part of the host family  • Hard working • Adapt easily to new situations • Committed • Love to teach • Great values • Creative • Warm.

What host families get with a Mexican au pair:A great cook • A loving au pair • A supportive and kind au pair • An au pair who follows rules easily

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