Au pairs transform families lives

I have been Local Childcare Consultant and Au Pair Coordinator for about 10 years, and it has been an amazing-rewarding experience.  Here are some the quotes I have heard from host families when they talk about their au pair, and our program:

 Less Stress: “Having au pairs has helped keep us sane! We don’t have to deal with stressful drop-offs or pick-ups or finding coverage for sick days, summer and school vacations, snow days or holidays.  Our au pairs have been a source of consistent and reliable care for our girls..”

One on One attention:  “Sonja is completely in tune to the needs of each of our girls and makes sure they grow up in an environment that is safe but challenging.  The girls feel safe with ther – and happy.  And as a mom, that’s all I can ask for.”

Help around the house:  “We love that au pairs can help with some of the household duties.  Sonja does our girls’ laundry, helps them keep their room clean, and cooks a lot of their meals.  Assistance with the kids-related chores gives us more quality time as a family.”

Date Night: “ Our schedules are all over the place and rarely consistent.  Having 45 hours of coverage to use when we need them is invaluable! And, as long as we give her advance notice, Sonja can work at night and on the weekends, too.  We love going on a date every once in a while.  She knows the routine so it’s much easier.”

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