Mom: I want an au pair!!!

Many times I hear from mothers that their kids see how other kids spend time in the school playground with their au pairs.  Also how much fun they have with their au pairs when they take them to the museums, parks, and to after school activities.  Some kids get their homework done with the help of their au pairs, and can join many after school activities, because their au pair drives them everywhere.

If your children are asking about what an au pair is, you can tell them the following:

  • An au pair is a young person (female or male) from 18 to 26 yrs of age, who come from another country to help your family take care of them.
  • Au pairs are fun, safe, responsible and reliable.
  • Au pairs prepare delicious and nutritious food for the kids, sometimes with an international taste of their home country.  They also play with the children, drive them around, take them to activities, and help with homework.
  • They are like your second set of hands, helping with home errands, kids laundry, and tidying up the kids rooms and play areas.
  • Au pairs are proud to say that they are like the kids’ older sisters or brothers.  They love them, and help them grow.

If you would like to learn more about our au pair program, feel free to call /text or email me.  I will be happy to help your family find the best au pair fit for your children.


Friday, 8 February 2019 5:42 PM


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