We love our au pair because….

They say that a picture says more than a 1000 words, but I also love to put words to a picture.  Here are some of the quotes from host families about why the love their au pair:

“Fernanda’s dedication to her job has incredible.  She has become as a member of our family.  She is caring, responsible, fun, loving and very loyal. She became our pair when our twins were 4 months old and she has been pivotal in their growth and development.  Fernanda cares for not just our twins, but for our entire family.” 


I immediately knew I could trust Karen to drive our son around, prepare his meals, take him to swimming lessons, and beyond that love him unconditionally.  The relationship that my son has formed with Karen is like no other.” 

Having Carol in our home was a blessing from heaven.  She was a consistent, calming presence in our home.  She was kind with our children, but also always ready to help others.  She volunteered in our Town’s Pantry to help those in need.  Carol was like a big sister to our kids, and more importantly she taught us about being very kind to others.” 

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