Looking for child care? Differences between Nanny Vs Au Pair

Families always want to know the differences between a Nanny Vs an Au pair:
  • A child care provider who is actually from your town, and who has decided to make a career caring for children.
  • While a nanny can develop a strong, personal relationship with your family, they usually have their families, and don’t expect to be involved in your family activities outside their working hours.  Also they are limited to travel with your family.
  • Because nannies usually have more child care experience than au pairs, their economic compensation can be much higher $18 to $25 per hour + withholding taxes, and benefits.
Au pair:
  • An au pair is also a person who can help you take care of your children. If an au pair takes care of a baby, she needs to be “Infant Qualified”.  This means she needs to have at least 300 hours of childcare experience with babies over 3 months old. All our au pairs are CPR qualified.
  • New culture and language.  One advantage of hosting an au pair is the exposure your children have to another culture as the au pairs share their music, games, crafts, and cuisine with your children.
  • Au pairs have the flexibility to join your family for activities, and travel with you and your kids.
  • Part of the benefit that an au pair receives is being hosted in the U. S. As such, their pay rates aren’t as high as a full-time nanny.  The average weekly rate of having an au pair is approximately $396 ( regardless of the location and the number of children). In addition au pairs come to the U.S with their own medical insurance.
  • Au pairs travel with their International Driver’s License, so they can drive the children to school or extended activities.

 As a Local Childcare Consultant, I can help you discover the endless benefits of hosting an au pair. With an au pair you can have 45 hours of child care that you can customize as you need.  Please call or text me.  

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