Parenting isn’t easy, even if you’re a Royal!

Parenting is not easy, even if you are a Royal, but with the help of an au pair, your life can get much easier.

Au pair childcare gives you flexible, trustworthy childcare on a schedule you decide. As a Local Childcare Consultant, I can help you discover the endless benefits of hosting an au pair. For only $396/week, you can have 45 hours of child care that you can customize as you need.  Please call or text me.  

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Steal This Parenting Trick from William And Kate

It's absolute genius!! Leave it up to the royal family to set an example. 😍Also, check out Kate's honestly about motherhood:

Posted by Women's Health on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Friday, 5 April 2019 12:11 PM


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